Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Word Wall

The Kindergarten Word Wall
The Word Wall is on a wall of the classroom.  It has the alphabet and sight words placed below each letter.  They practice reading 6-8 words a week and when they know them well enough, the word is placed on the board.  This board is very helpful.  They practice reading the words often and when they are writing in their journal they use the Word Wall to help them spell the words in their sentences.  I also have a mini Word Wall printed off for the students to read and highlight.  

The Word Wall is a very good tool in helping students read and write.  You should have your child practice reading the words at home.  Break it into groups, so it is not too overwhelming.  Remember to keep study time positive and light.  Learning to read should be a good experience for the children.
The mini-Word Wall is what students use to highlight 
words as each student takes turns reading a box of words.

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