Wednesday, January 6, 2016

"Name the Bird" Game

At the very end of the school day when most of the students are bundled up and we are waiting for the last students to get ready to leave, we play a favorite game called, "Name the Bird" Game.  Each child takes turns saying the name of a different bird.  They are not allowed to copy each other.  At first this was difficult for them, but now it is easy and they try to come up with a bird with a really interesting name.  Here are the birds that were used today.  If you are wondering what the birds are, you can google them to see an image.

Northern Cardinal
Laysan Albatross
Chinstrap Penguin
Emperor Penguin
California Condor
Bald Eagle
Green Jay
Blue Jay
Little Blue Penguin
American Robin
Gray Jay
European Robin
Blue Tit
Least Flycatcher
Tri-colored Heron
Cuban Tody

This is really amazing for kindergartners!  They are doing a great job!  If a child draws a blank and can't think of a bird to say we have two little rhymes that help.  "If you get stuck, pick a duck."  "If you don't know what to say, choose a jay."  This is a game that you can play with family or while you are driving.  I know that some of you do this already.  Have fun!  Some bird names are really cool!

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