Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Goal for Writing

The goal for writing is to get students to feel free to easily write their ideas on paper without worrying about perfect spelling.  That we can edit later.  A first grader came in to share two of her recent journal entries.  The kindergartners really enjoyed it and I was very impressed!  The way you can help at home is to supply your child with the supplies for writing, inspire and support their efforts in a positive manner. Your child will grow and grow as a writer and it will be a great asset to him/her in their future!
Her Snowy Owl page of her Journal
Here she is reading her journal to the 
I love the last two sentences!  I always hope 
that the kids enjoy bird club.
The kindergartners were very interested in 
her share time.


  1. Tell the first grader that she did a great job with her writing, and your students did a great job listening! That's very important! And you're doing a great job with the Chickadee Bird club! (=

  2. Thank you! I think that the kids learn a lot at Chickadee Bird Club and I will pass that message on to them.