Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Kids Around the World

Learning about the different cultures 
of our world is very important.
These days the world seems like a smaller place due to technology.  I feel like students need to get a feel for what it is like in different parts of the world.  After all, the world is so vast and the people are so different in the various cultures.  

I purchased some posters displaying children from different parts of the world.  On the back of the poster it tells about the child in the photo, the land, their culture, what school is like and what different foods they eat.  I show the kindergartners where each child is from on the globe and world map.  

In these short lessons they have learned:

  • What a market is and how it works.  They learn that some people trade.
  • Some children don't go to school and some only go for a short time.
  • Some children have to help their families and some have to  work.
  • There are different traditions in different lands.
  • Some places do not ever have snow.
  • They see the different clothing that others wear.
  • They learn about islands and that some people live near volcanoes.
  • They learn about different climate:  the North Pole, along the equator, mountains, desert, etc.

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