Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Rascal the Raccoon

Meet Rascal
By now, you probably have heard of Rascal the raccoon puppet who visits with the kindergartners every morning.  In fact Rascal has been the class mascot for some 23 years for the kindergartners in our school.  

Rascal is...well...a rascal and gets into a bit of trouble.  He helps the students to learn what is right and wrong.  He also loves the kindergartners and he gives each of them a hug in the morning or a tail whip when he is being a rascal. 

When he visits with the children in the morning he poses questions and problems and I think that the students learn social skills and manners from him.  He encourages them to try hard in school and to follow the rules.  He is all good!  

Rascal is also very funny!  This week he told the kids that he roasted a marshmallow on his tail.  Also he went swimming at the pool using his tail as a propeller and then drying himself while riding on the ceiling fan. The kids love their morning visit with Rascal!  

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