Sunday, September 13, 2015

Waiting for Wings!

I ordered six, Painted Lady caterpillars and we have been watching them eat and grow for a little over a week.  Five of them have attached themselves to the cover and have formed a chrysalis around them.  There are big changes going on inside of there.  Sometimes the chrysalis wobbles around and the kids are so curious about that.  It says in the instruction booklet that they do this to ward off predators.  We thought that was interesting.  There was one runt of the group, but when I went over to school tonight, I saw that it was also attached to the lid.  After they are attached, I carefully pin the lid to the inside of the "cage".  I remember a couple of years ago after we did this.  I explained it as well as I could and we watched them emerged.  A month later a boy asked, "Was that real or make-believe?"


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