Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wacky Watermelon Wednesday

Here's they are!
Today was Wacky Watermelon Wednesday and most of our lessons were geared around a watermelon.  Thank you to Andrew and his family who kindly donated a watermelon for our lesson today!  

During the day I discussed how a watermelon is a plant that grows from a seed and that the watermelon was a flower at one time.  I taught the kindergartners that plants are living things that have needs and that bees also help plants by spreading pollen.

The young students were artists as they painted a picture of it for the cover of their booklet.  They drew what the watermelon looked like on the inside and outside.  I had them do a couple of worksheets about the sound of Ww and how to write it.  We sang a rhyming song about watermelons called "Down by the Bay".

We felt the watermelon, held it, estimated its weight and weighed it.   Together we made up a story about a Willie Watermelon and his his day at the beach.  We made a booklet for you to see.

At the end of the day, we went outside to the picnic table and ate watermelon on this hot day in August.  It was a fun day and they learned a lot from a watermelon.

That's one heavy watermelon, but she can handle it!

Andrew put a funny face on the watermelon 
before he brought it to school!

When you are a big 6-year old you can do this!

The artist are at work painting what they think 
this watermelon looks like.

More artists hard at work.

Three tables of students working hard.

Here's what they've been waiting for all day!

Thankfully we have a picnic table to use outdoors.
The covers for the booklets look great!

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