Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Look What Levi Found!

This is a cellphone photo of a Barn Owl discovered by Levi.
One of the kindergarten boys was helping his dad with chores over the weekend.  They looked down into the corn bin only to discover two faces looking up at them!  His dad didn't know what they were, but he figured they were owls.  Six-year old Levi told him they were Barn Owls and that he had to take a picture to show his teacher {me}.  I've told the kids many times to remember to take photos of the birds that they think are special, so they can show me.  It looks like Levi remembered! 

I got a text from his parents wondering if Levi was correct on his ID and as you can see he was.  I don't know if there are many kindergartners who can quickly identify a Barn Owl, but Levi did a great job putting his bird knowledge to work!  Surprisingly this has happened here before. A couple of years ago another boy found a nest with seven Barn Owls and an adult in an abandoned house.  That was really interesting too!  The South Dakota Heritage Database director contacted me after that and asked for information because sadly the Barn Owl is now considered a relatively rare species in South Dakota.

Here are the photos that the dad took with his cell phone.  I told them that they are very lucky because Barn Owls are not as common as they once were and I rarely see them.  They are also lucky because Barn Owls are really good hunters and they will help keep the rodent population down on their farm.  

Levi was a proud little boy in school today when he told the other young birders that he discovered Barn Owls.  Way to go, Levi!