Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Kuwait Talk

These brothers and sister are showing their pop cans
 that their dad sent from Kuwait. It had Arabic writing 
on it.  They said that the Mountain Dew and 
Sunkist tasted different than it does here.
Since we have a family whose dad is stationed Kuwait, the teachers of those three children decided to have a lesson for the students in those grades: K, 1, and 3.

I talked a bit about the landscape, climate, clothing, animals, and of course birds using the Smart Board to show photos.  Another teacher showed where Kuwait is on Google Earth. 

The 3rd grade teacher was in the army years ago and stationed in Iraq and Kuwait.  She shared her knowledge and photos of her time there.  We were lucky to have someone speak who had been there before.

The kids also told us that there dad has sent them books that he's read, and sea shells from Kuwait.  They also get to skype with their dad and talk to him, so that is really neat!
The four teachers took turns teaching about Kuwait.  
This teacher is showing where Kuwait is on Google Earth.
These students were very attentive and asked 
good questions.  

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