Thursday, March 17, 2016

Leprechaun Alert!

The leprechauns came to our classroom and made a huge mess!  They left a note saying that they were looking for treasure in our room, but they couldn't find any gold.  Instead they sent us on a treasure hunt to find a different treasure.  We followed the clues throughout the school.  Teachers said they saw something green that flew through like the March wind!  At the end of the hunt, the last clue told us to look somewhere where we like to play.  We searched the toy area and finally found a treasure of gold-wrapped candy!  It was a lot of fun!  Those silly leprechauns!

When the kids came in from recess the discovered 
that someone had messed up the classroom!

They couldn't understand what happened!

They were blaming me, but I told them I'd 
never make a mess like this.

Then we discovered this note lying on the floor.

The kids were off on a treasure hunt reading clues 
that took them throughout the school.

They raced down the hall to follow the clues.

The principal wanted to know what was going on.  
They had lots of questions for him, but then they 
saw the green note lying on his desk.

The librarian said that the leprechaun freaked 
her out as it flew in the room and dropped this green note.

The P.E. teacher saw the leprechaun briefly too.  
These older kids remember this day from 
kindergarten as it has been a tradition in my 
classroom for the last 23 years!

 After following 17 clues around the school and classroom, 
they finally found a treasure of gold-wrapped candy 
in the classroom!  Sean was the lucky guy to find it!

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  1. Oh my gosh! That silly leprechaun must have had loads of fun, messing things up in your room! Looks like you had a great time following all his clues. Congratulations finding the treasure! I bet it was yummy! It's so nice to see all the pictures of your adventures. Thank you, Mrs. Preheim!