Wednesday, March 2, 2016

January Journal Pages

The Sharp-shinned Hawk, Merlin, American Kestrel 
and Cooper's Hawk are the predators of the birds.
Penguins are the best in the whole wide 
world and they can not fly.
I like trucks!
I like to play outside with my friends.

I like you mom.  You are a good cook!
I like penguins.  They are black and orange.
I love my family.
Rapunzel was trapped in the tower.
I like to play in the house.
Levi and Blythe are in the tree house.
Baltimore Orioles are cool!
I hope that Kinley's dad comes back some day real soon.
The Red-eyed Vireo is cool.  You should see it. 
 It is cool and pretty.
My family turned into snowmen.  They are pretty snowmen.
I like my cats.  They like to play with me.
Harvesting is good!


  1. Kids, your artistry and writing is so awesome! I love your pictures, and your sentences just keep getting better and better! Good work!

  2. Thank you, Barb! The kindergartners have really come a long way on writing sentences. For some of the students, their goal lately has been to not have any "grown up" writing, so they are trying really hard to write it all correctly.

  3. You're most welcome! Your students are doing a great job!