Sunday, February 21, 2016

Dental Health Video Links

February is dental health month, so I've been teaching the children about their teeth and how to care for them as well as trying to convince them to eat healthy foods.  In addition to that I've been reading children's trade books to them about taking care of their teeth and about the Tooth Fairy.

They seem pretty excited about taking care of their teeth and eating right, so this is a good time to promote it at home too.  I did send home new toothbrushes for them.  Maybe it would be fun to get new kids' toothpaste. Did you know that there are little timers to put on your child's toothbrush that go off after 2 minutes of brushing?  I think that is a great idea! 

I've noticed that young children tend to want to eat right and don't usually seem to mind it, so be sure to limit sweets and pop and provide them with healthy fruits and vegetables. Establishing these good habits now, will help your child for a lifetime!  Just a thought...

Below are some links to videos online that the kids liked.  There are many more, if you'd want to do a search on it.

How to Brush our Teeth - For Kids

Colgate:  How to Have a Bright Smile

Dr. Rabbit and the Tooth Defenders!

Dr. Rabbit - Legend of Tooth Kingdom Part 1

Dr. Rabbit - Legend of Tooth Kingdom Part 2

Swipe the Sweets Game - How to Make Better Choices 

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