Saturday, February 6, 2016

Chickadee Bird Club

The 2nd Graders joined us for Chickadee Bird Club on this Friday.  Today we played Bird Bingo with a focus on geography.  I had the world map on the board and we discussed what continent or country each bird was from and what the climate is like at that location.  I also told what I knew about each bird as well.  In this way they are learning about geography, climate, nocturnal/diurnal animals, what different birds eat and which birds are endangered reminding us to be conservation-minded as we move forward in life.

I used my new bird whistle that young Jake brought me from Costa Rica, to get their attention when it got a bit loud.   I was surprised at how many birds they 2nd graders remembered!  As always, it was a fun time and bird club is one of my favorites lessons of the week!

A couple of years ago some kind person 
anonymously gave this to me to use 
with my bird club.  I am very grateful!
This is by far their favorite bingo game!
When they get a bingo they say, "Chickadee-dee-dee!"
 instead of saying, "Bingo".

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