Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Latest Journal Entries

Here are some journal pages for you to smile at. I love their ideas and illustrations.  They are doing better at writing their ideas too.  There should be big improvements during the second semester.

My son's dog, Echo, was cuddled up on my 
lap while I looked over the journals.
It looks like I may need to work on my posture.  
That is me on the left using the computer to 
control the Smart Board with the American 
Goldfinch.  I agree...the Chickadee Bird Club is cool!
I like how the kids are sounding out the words now.
The kids think that the American Kestrel sounds 
like it is saying my name, "Kelly, Kelly, Kelly!"  Funny!

Their penmanship is really coming around.

I try to teach the students about geography and this is one of the ways.
Little boys do love things with wheels!

We have been working on what a question is and when 
to use a question mark.  I haven't seen many use it yet.

Check out how she sounded out Horned Lark.  
She has the right idea!
This drawing shows a lot of detail!  Very nice!
The children love to write about birds using 
their own personal backyard bird books from the 
SD Game, Fish and Parks Wildlife division.

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