Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Lessons About the Earth

In Science the students are learning about the Earth.  I have taught them about the poles, equator, continents, oceans and where they live.  They now know how Earth is a planet that travels around the sun and we discussed the seasons. Today we discussed different habitats and how different animals, specifically birds, prefer different habitats.

In Social Studies we are discussing different cultures.  I teach about them using big posters cards that each have a child from a different part of the world.  The back of the poster tells about each child's life, land and customs.  Then it has good questions for the kids helping them to compare their life to that child's life.

Teaching about the world is vitally important for this generation to have a vested interest in it.  We can’t expect people to care about what they don’t know and they won’t protect and conserve what they don’t care about.  I have inspired students to wonder and ask questions about the world and participate project-based learning.   I have had success at teaching students to understand and love the outdoors as well as learn about birds in their own part of the world.  

We discussed what we wanted to write
about the Earth.  I helped them write it
by modeling it on the board.  Then the
children copied it into their journal.

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  1. Keep up the good work, Mrs. Preheim. You're developing the next generation of citizen scientists. There's nothing more basic or important than learning to take care of our home, Planet Earth.