Friday, December 4, 2015

November Journal Posts

"I do like to play in my room."
Rascal is the classroom raccoon puppet and the kids love him!
"I like my friends!"
"I love chicken noodle soup."
"Levi is sick and I miss him."
"The Ruby-throated {Hummingbird} is
green and purple."
"Me, Levi, and Zachary like to play at school."
The kids often write about birds, even when I encourage
them to write about something different sometimes.
"I would love to see unicorns."
We've got some little artist again this year!
"I {Cassie} scared my cat!"
"Cassie, Sean, Holton, Kinley and me are going to the 
lake to bird with Mrs. Preheim."
"I like to ride in the figure 8 car."
"I like the painted wall."
"The Common Grackle is blue and purple."
"The owl likes the colorful tree!"


  1. I love your drawings and your sentences! They're getting longer and longer, and the artistry is getting better. Nice work!