Thursday, October 29, 2015

Jack-O-Lantern Carving

Today I taught a lesson about how pumpkins grow, how people use them for food and how we use them as decorations for Halloween.  Most of them helped to pull out some ooey, gooey seeds.  When I was about to punch out the piece of pumpkin I just cut, I had them sing, "Pop, Goes the Weasel!" Then when they said "Pop!" I'd push it out and one flew up in the air and then it landed on Zach's face!  Oh my! They all thought that was funny!  It was a fun time!

Kids seem to love this activity!

They were so silly when they pulled
out the seeds!
"Teacher!  Can we keep some seeds?"

"My turn!"
I put it in front of my house for the 
kids to see on Halloween night.

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