Friday, October 2, 2015

Take a Hike!

Take a hike at Corsica Lake!
Would you like to spend some time outdoors before the really cold weather sets in?  I have a suggestion.  Take your family to Corsica Lake to go hiking and birding!  It is only ten miles from town and there are trails on both sides of the lake.  Both trails are in very good shape at the moment.  I would recommend the trail on the west side, if you only have time for one.

There is a bathroom, picnic area and a playground down in the campground.  If looking for birds and other animals is your primary purpose, be somewhat quiet and have your child walk rather than run through the woods to have your best luck.  Take time to throw or skip rocks in the lake, catch some frogs or butterflies, check out the different wildflowers, or see how many species of birds you can spot.  The kids know 101 different species of birds now, so it would be good to get out and see them.  You could even take some fall photos of your kids for your family Christmas card.  

Bring binoculars and a camera, if you have them.  Grab a picnic lunch and go on a little family adventure!   Hiking and birding are very inexpensive ways to spend quality time with your child.  Being outdoors is not only healthy for you, it is also very relaxing.  Keep it low-key and have a fun time!

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