Thursday, October 15, 2015

September Journal Entries

The kids continue to draw and write their ideas in "kid writing".  It takes time and lots of lessons and practice, but by the end of the year you will see the practice has paid off!  When they are finished they ask for "grown-up" writing from myself or the teacher that is helping me.  That is where they watch us write it and we explain what we are doing.  One girl still says, "Teacher, I'm ready for human writing."  That is so cute!
"I like trees!
"I like to play with my friends outside!"

"I like to look at birds.  I like to eat with my family!"
"I like everybody in school!"
"I like Zachary and Andrew!"
"I like to see birds!"
"I like to see birds!"

"I like to go outside and eat carrots."
"I like Mrs. Preheim."
"I like to go outside!"
"We are fishing!"
"I like to play ball tag!"

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  1. Great job with your journal entries, kids! I love your illustrations! Keep practicing; it will get easier every day!