Wednesday, May 11, 2016

South Dakota Birding Festival

My kindergartners were asked to 
make a poster for the birding festival.

The South Dakota Birding Festival is slated for May 20-22. There are many activities on the agenda including:  birding, bird banding, speakers and a supper. This festival is geared for people who are interested in birds and would like to learn more about them.  Birders are there to help out.  

I think it would be great if the kindergartners or any students from our school would come to the bird banding.  During this time the ornithologist sets up nets in hopes that a bird accidentally gets caught in the net.  He measures and weighs the bird as well as puts a numbered, metal band on the bird's leg.  Then if that bird is found again and that number is reported to the data base, scientist can learn where the bird was from.  

When my students have come to the bird banding before, they have dazzled the crowd with their bird knowledge.  The kids often get to hold a bird prior to its release.  Kids really love that!  It is a great photo opportunity for parents as well.  Bird banding takes place early in the morning at 7:00 AM - noon, which is early, but it is so worth it.  Our students and their parents are allowed to come to the bird banding sessions on Saturday morning for free, so please consider taking advantage of this opportunity.  Check this link, South Dakota Birding Festival for more information.  

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