Saturday, November 7, 2015

Something New!

Outdoor Lesson Time!
I came up with a new idea to make children more aware of their surroundings.  It only takes 10 minutes and it seems to be making a difference.  Occasionally after we've been working on a lesson indoors for awhile and we need a change of pace, I have the kindergartners sit outside our classroom door for a short activity.  First, they just sit to look and listen.  Then we talk about what they saw or heard.  

Then I play an "I Spy" kind of game where I ask them questions and have them point.  "How many trees do you see with yellow leaves?"  How many trees have no leaves?"  "Which number is fewer?"  If there are any birds about we listen to them and identify them.  I also ask them to point to a certain color car or the stop signs.  I ask, "How many sides does the stop sign have?" What is the name of that shape?"  "Point to the chimney.  What is it for?"  I have them point to the four directions.  

You get the idea.  You can do this with your child as well.  It is good for students to be more aware of their surroundings and they can learn about math, colors, science and other skills as well.  They enjoy it! 

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  1. Oh, Mrs. Preheim, that sounds like a wonderful way to teach everything!! Bet the kids love it! Enjoy!