Friday, November 20, 2015

A Snowy Day Project

What do you get when you have a school on the the first BIG snow day?  A lot of excitement!  I decided to try not to fight it, but rather to embrace it.  I was fortunate to have my last year's class, the 1st graders} in for part of the morning, so I read some snowy day books.  We did some comprehension activities along with it and we also imagined what it would be like to be snowed in at school over night!  That was fun!

Then I split them up into mixed groups to create a poster of what they would like to do in the snow or see on a snowy day.  I saw some very creative posters!  There were rainbow colored snowballs, snow forts, a tree house on an icy lake, sledding, ice skating, icicles on houses, and of course - lots of birds {Snowy Owls, penguins, Snow Buntings and Cardinals}!  

I love activities like this where the kids are all-in and committed to working on a project!  Afterwards they spoke about their poster to the group and that was interesting too.  Some wanted no part of that, but that will come in time.  I also enjoy to watching these two grades bond together.  We try to get them together every other week, so that they can be more comfortable around each other and make new friends.  They also learn from each other!  It was a wonderful morning!

In nine groups of three kids they set to work 
to create what they love to do in the snow.

The groups of kindergarten and 1st graders worked 
very well together.

The young children were very creative with their 
posters!  I will hang them in the hallway next week 
for you to view.
After the artwork was completed I asked each group 
to come up and talk about what they like to do 
in the snow.  They seemed to really enjoy this project!

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