Sunday, June 12, 2016

Goodbye! Have a Great Summer Break!

Here they are lined up ready to head home on the last day of school!

The last day of school is an emotional day for me as I've spent many days with these young students watching them transform, grow and become more independent throughout the year.  It is a good feeling to think about all they've learned during this year in kindergarten.  They have learned to get along, follow rules, read, write letters and sentences, add, subtract, do story problems, count and write to 100 and much, much more!  They have also learned a lot about nature and birds throughout the year as well.  It is amazing what their young minds are capable of learning.

I've gotten to know them quite well and it will be so different to not see their smiling faces as they walk through the door each morning.  We had such a great year together and I will miss them very much!  I wish them all a happy summer!  I will see them again in August!  Thank you for reading my blog and for the nice feedback I received from you!

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